Kissing a girl might probably be one of the easiest things some of you think you can do. While most of you think you got it, that might simply not be the case and chances are you do not even know.

Girls have a habit of compromising on one thing if they are getting the most important thing that matters to them. More often than not, they will not say a word about how poor your kissing skills are. So if you have a girl and she does not like to kiss you often, chances are you are doing it wrong.

For the sake of women all around, here are a few gross kisses men should avoid at all costs.


1. Slippery Sloppy Kiss.
The slippery sloppy jaw is where a guy kisses a girl with a lot of saliva to spare and gets your whole mouth wet. In most cases a girl will find that part of her cheeks as well as the tip of her nose are wet with saliva. This is by far the worst kind of kiss you can give a girl. The whole idea of licking almost half of a girl’s face with a lot of spit is just gross and she can’t wait to wipe off. There is nothing sexy about it, its just plain gross.

2. Dead kiss.
The dead kiss involves a guy keeping his mouth closed while a girl is doing all the work. There is nothing more disappointing than a dead kisser. It is more like he just isn’t into it at all or maybe he is disgusted by the whole idea of deepening the kiss. This can be a huge turn off especially if the guy does not try to reciprocate. In the event that the guy does not know what to do, the least you can do is do exactly what the girl does to your lips. Do not just sit there and point your lips the whole time. Its dumb.


3. Too much lip biting kiss.
Biting the lip while kissing can be a turn on but when you bite too much and kiss less, it just becomes something else. It can be quite irritating and a turn off in the event that the girl’s lips start to bleed.

4. Bad breath kiss.
This is the second worst type of kiss you can possibly ever deliver. The kiss itself may be great but the minute you are done kissing and you can smell bad breath saliva on you upper mouth, it immediately gets disgusting almost revolting. Don’t get me wrong, the morning kiss is understandable since you just woke up but a bad breath kiss in the middle of the day is such a turn off.

5. Tongue Sucking Kiss.
Tongue sucking can be hot and sexy but only to a certain extent. When a guy sucks on your tongue and you find yourself having to stick it out the whole time your kissing, it just becomes gross. It’s not like the kiss is about you or pleasing you, it’s more like as though your tongue has become a meal or he probably has a tongue fetish. The whole situation just gets weird.

bad breath

6. Excess spit kiss.
This is if not the third worst kiss ever. If you are trying to be French, go ahead but do it right for the sake of all humanity. The whole idea of kissing a girl to a point that she has to gulp down some of your excess spit that you keep pumping into her mouth is revolting. She is trying to be kissed not to drink spit from your mouth as though she paid for a spit drink straight from the source.

7. Limp tongue kiss.
Just like the dead kisser who keeps his mouth pointed and fails to do anything else, the limp tongue kisser is almost the same. He will give a girl access to his tongue but will not do much about it afterwards. Its more like kissing a dead fish and will get a girl thinking,” Okay I am never kissing this guy again. Like ever!”

8. Ear cleaner kiss.

This definitely makes it to the top 5 worst kisses. So we all know if done right, a light kiss on the ear can instantly turn a girl on. However ladies, if you find yourself with a guy who is licking your ears to a point that it feels like a wet slimy slug just moving around your ear it just simply gets yucky.


9. Open eyed kiss.
You know how we all expect to be too engaged in a passionate kiss and end up closing your eyes because you feel like you are being swept off your feet, not this kisser. The open eyed kisser will keep his eyes open and if you happen to open your eyes in the middle of a French kiss only to find his eyes open, it just gets weird. “What in the world are you keeping your eyes open for while we are kissing? Like who does that?” Stop being weird and shut your eyes.

10 The Rainbow kiss.
Saving the worst for last, this is something both men and women should avoid initiating or indulging in. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, the rainbow kiss comes up. Do not be fooled by the name. In fact, it is far from beautiful but rather plain disgusting. It involves performing a 69 with your partner while on your period. Then he comes in your mouth and you keep it there until the two of you kiss, mixing a “rainbow” of menstrual blood and semen with your saliva.

So there you have it. Keep in mind that these are only some not all kinds of the worst kisses ever. Please don’t do it for those of you that do any of the above mentioned kisses. It is simply gross.