After a devastatingly long and tiring week, we all need to put our minds at rest. For the movie fanatics that prefer to stay indoors watching TV all weekend, here is a list of 10 interesting series’ that you should catch up on. In an interesting twist, the first 4 series’ occasionally join all the main characters into an episode of one of the series’ among the flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl. So if you are a fan, this is definitely something you will want to watch.

#1. Arrow
Arrow is currently on its 5th season and already has 17 episodes. Catch up on the hooded vigilante together with his team of 5 members whom he trains to fight and clean up the city of Gotham with his bow and arrow.

#2. Legends of Tomorrow

Currently on it’s 2nd season with  15 episodes, follow up on the legendary team that travels through time to stop an apocalypse that could impact all of time.

#3. Supergirl

For those that were fans of superman, catch up on superman’s cousin supergirl in her own superhero career. The series is currently on its 2nd season and already has 16 episodes for you to watch.

#4. The Flash

In its latest season, Barry Allan (the flash) is thrust accidentally into the future. He momentarily sees his girlfriend get murdered by the speedster Savatar. He returns to the present and does everything in his power to change the future that he saw.

#5. Empire

After a long break in the middle of its latest season, Empire returns. Catch up on the Lyon family and the drama they ravel through.

#6. Big Little lies

This is a new series that involves three mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel to the point of murder. It has a number of stars that have acted in some of the biggest movies of all time.

#7. Colony

The series is about an invasion by outside forces in LA causing a rift between the city’s residents. They do all they can to survive.

#8. Scorpion
This series centers around a team of extremely brilliant people with some of the highest IQ’s to ever be recorded in history. The team uses their genius minds to solve crimes and stand against evil.

#9. Into The Badlands

A mighty warrior and a young boy with special abilities search for enlightenment in a territory controlled by feudal barons. Season two premier is out.

#10. Modern Family

This series is a comedy that centers around a large family with all kinds of couples. Catch up on the humorous series.