Mention the name Wendy Kimani to any Kenyan, and many will first characterize her according to her talent. The Kenyan singer has been making headlines and gaining a legion of fans for her vocal prowess.

Her last single with Gilad Unajua has put her in a global map…. and this was a few of the reasons why Kiss FM presenter Adelle could not help but grill the bubbly lass on Celeb Quickfire, once she heard she was in the country.

Adelle as per her usual norm, asked Wendy Kimani crazy random questions which included her full name, how long she has been married, who she would rather be stuck in an island with between Redsan, Nameless and Wyre, the one special thing her husband does for her and much more.

Besides all this, Miss Kimani also revealed when she lost her virginity. Listen to the interview below.

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