Many women normally wonder if they have the qualities necessary for a man to put a ring on her finger. The terms Kenyans ascribe to this mythical woman who has the properties men seek to start a family with is called, ‘wife material’.

Some often wonder what those special qualities are. With the great help of my colleague Uncle Chim Tuna, we have come up with a list of things that make you unattractive as a wife material.

They are below;

-Because you’re wearing a weave.
-Because you don’t know how to cook.
-Because their greatness intimidates you.
-Because you have had more than 3 lovers.
-Because you drink and smoke as much as his father/sailor.

-Because the local bartender knows your name.
-Because you have a Fuliza debt.
-Because you still have a HELB debt.
-Because you want to hyphenate his name like this is a business merger.
-Because he does not have the password to your phone.
-Because you want the password to his phone.
-Because you don’t kneel to welcome him home like the paragons of wifelyness, Ugandan women.
-Because you nag more than Delilah.
-Because you are a feminist.

This list is controversial, as it should be. What else can you add to this exceptional list?