Daddy Owen, a popular gospel artist in Kenya is said to be close buddies with Victor Wanyama who is an international Kenyan footballer plying his trade in the Premier League.

With him they have been working together for the Western Kenya community by setting up sports academies and other projects.

During an exclusive  interview with Word Is he talked of his friendship with Wanyama and their projects together and what is ailing the FC Leopards team in the Kenyan league which his brother Rufftone supports as for him he is fan of Gor Mahia.


Yes we are close buddies with Victor Wanyama and I visit him in his home UK a lot and we hang out together. There is a project we are doing together  something that will bring money because I usually tell him he won’t play football  when he is more than thirty years.

There so much we are doing and more so to the Western guys and  we are putting up a music academy that will bringing  all of us together apart from the football academy.we are very passionate about community  even Mariga also got  big plans so we meet and talk a lot

I think western is blessed my God when it comes to sports that is the football and rugby and even  music and acting what we miss is enlightenment  so there plans to make sure we have  academies   to nature train and  teach them how they can sell them out there. we are still looking for more ideas to make things better.We have many secrets because it  is sad in our country that   the moment you bring out an idea someone else jump on it and exploit it and then it appears useless”.


He also added that the sports industry tried to do a project sometime back but it failed because sports is not seen as a career in Kenya.

The sports industry tried do something .I can tell you a very good example sprite  wanted to make basketball famous through out the country and everywhere was full of basketball codes but the problem was you could only play football when you are in form one but every sport need to be nurtured since you were young.

Kids in Europe play football when they are six years old .So by the time you are in fourteen years you feel your past time because thats when it is introduced to you.Then after four where will you go  and the leagues are not credible and need to be powered.We need to see more of basketball all over Kenya.

Kids at primary school do sports for fun  no one is taking it for them like it is   important they don’t look at it as a career.They are only motivated when they are being cheered.

Their talent could be football but they are always forced to study those  subjects that is not their thing.So you find out someone complaining that they wasted their time in school because their talent was on something else and not in books.

We need to identify this kids and motivate because we find that those students have failed in both studies and what they are good at there was no one to mentor them for that and they fail on  both sides”.daddy2

He explained what he would if he was appointed as a CS for sports and culture .

What i would do if I was appointed as CS for sports and culture first we see the FC’s go for the established and veteran players who doesn’t  play for  long because they suffer injuries and are getting old we should invest in those young people from high school.

Like real Madrid will follow a child  in Denmark  at seven and follow his talent and as he turns fifteen he is  big story.Here many children are at fifteen and still don’t know what they want to become.

Another thing at least is to ensure that sports is made  serious as other subjects not a side activity that is only done during P.E.

When people talk of Kenya the first thing that come to their mind is athletes and the government should use them as our ambassadors and not pay other ambassadors and empower that industry. People like Mariga,Olunga  and Wanyama they were lucky to go to the academy .

But how many can they go to academy ? thats why Kenyan footballers when they go out there they don’t  succeed because they lack the  technical ability when they were young they only become good because of their inborn talent.

They cannot relate with other people like when they go places like in Europe you hear of someone who beat another opponent in the training It is not their fault it is  because they were not trained and the environment they come from.They are not taught that football is played without fighting.

I have been lucky to travel  to those countries with academy schools  see how they behave and they are trained well and are very mature you will find guys of twenty ,twenty three years who are married and come with their children and wives to the matches”.

Daddy Owen

He conclude by admitting he is a support of Gor-mahia  and his brother is of FC Leopards and what is ailing his brother league.

Yes am an ardent supporter of Gor Mahia but  what is ailing the Fc leopards which  my brother Rufftone supports  is a long story  that goes down to the roots of the sub-tribes  luhya community.The problem is all about leadership like the Maragori feels is superior to the  Wanyala  and them feel they are superior than Bukusu and it goes on that way.

Some feel that some players should come from a certain sub -tribe  and this always doubles the problem.I say that is nonsense and something that people should overgrow from“.













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