Captain Kale is popular to classic105 FM listeners as he is a frequent caller. He is always on the side of controversy whenever there is a discussion concerning women. He normally attacks ladies savagely. For this reason, people think that he hates women.

During an interview with Mpasho he regarded prostitutes as the best wives to marry instead of the slay queens and office wear ladies.


The best woman to marry in this days situation is a prostitute. Someone in Koinange or Sabina-Joy not this ladies who are working in the offices.The reason is these people in Koinange are genuine and 90% of those people who are there is because of problems. So when you take her out of there and marry her she will make a good wife because she has gone through a lot.

I know a number of women from Koinange that got married to my friends and they are perfect wives. Dont go around there looking for virgins or what to marry, those are the ones in a hurry to get into marriage. Leave them alone. In fact I was praying to God if I was not married right now I wish to get a woman who has gone even with even 50 men , those people with experience in life.

So which is better? It is better the one I will get from Koinange ‘mwenye nimelipa iyo 1000 nmkatie vizuri,’  I get her and she accept my marriage proposal.”


The captain concluded by saying that he can never allow his wife to go out with a male friend. He said:

I normally allow my wife to go out with her girlfriends but never with a male friend.There is no man who is just a friend to a woman because there will come a time even if it is after ten years ‘huyo mwanaume atamyandua’.He is just waiting for his time unless he is your brother but if just a friend there is time that he will do something.”


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