Happy Womens Day!!! Let’s take a look at celebrities who’ve taken their time to celebrate women.

“Happy International Women’s Day lovies! We’re celebrating #IWD2018 this morning with STL – Stella Mwangi – she’s got a brand new song and great sister to sister advice!” from the Kiss FM family.

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  1. Njugush

“Niaje mboyz wa me @celestinendinda cheki iko hivi situpatane pale nyuma ya tent nikuwahi kimunju hii #happyinternationalwomensday one for the culture budah.
Ama niaje tumz nguyaz, leo katambe?Njoe rumu??To y’all total women outchea a good one peeps.”

2. Wahu

“Hello Qatar!!! Happy to be here!!!! And Happy women’s day to all my beautiful strong ladies all over the world!!!”

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3. Jimmy Gait

“Happy international women’s day to all our mothers who nurture us, our sisters who guide us, our female friends and colleagues who help in team work, our wives and girlfriends who love us unconditionally, our grandmothers who feed us with no limit, our female leaders who have made great achievements in the society, ALL WOMEN IN THE WORLD.” Jimmy gait posted

4. Boniface Mwangi


“On July 10 2007, to celebrate my 24th birthday and the anniversary of our first date, I proposed to her. Just beforehand I had travelled to South Africa and visited Mandela’s cell on Robben Island. I shot the video of me proposing in that cell. Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 prison years confined to that small space. The floor was his bed and there was a bucket for a toilet. I proposed from the shadows of a man I had grown up celebrating and admiring.

She wept as she watched the video and when it ended I went on my knee and proposed. This was in the presence of her parents, her close friend and my workmates, as they were celebrating my birthday with me. Maybe the video was a sign of the direction my life would take – a determination to fighting injustice.

Incidentally, Njeri had sworn that she would never marry a journalist, a politician or a younger man. I was a journalist who wanted to join politics and slightly younger than her. On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2008 we were married. My wife is the fire that keeps me going.

​Happy International women’s day. ​”

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5. Avril

To all the super women who’s timeline I fall on and to those on my timeline .. here’s to wish you an amazing Women’s Day … #IAmAWomanWhatsYourSuperPower” From Avril.