Kanye West’s newly released album YE, titled after the shortened-version of his first name, has shockingly received rave attention just like any song of his though prior to it’s release, many doubted it would.

Due to his controversial views and his obvious support for Donald Trump, it seems it didnt affect the creative genius and has in turn benefited singer Burna Boy.

Burna Boy like Kanye have been in the music industry for a very long time, and are well known for their immerse talent and creativity and their choice of title YE for their song and album just proved it.

The decision has caused some confusion among both fans particularly Kanye’s. His fans have been searching for his album all over streaming platforms, have instead been lead to the Nigerian’s polyrhythmic “Ye” off of his album “Outside.

The mix up hasn’t disappointed fans though, as Twitter users shared that they listened to Burna Boy’s album instead of the American rapper’s album due to the mixup and loved it. One twitter user wrote,

Another responded clearly in support and sharing other songs by him,tweeting,

As stated earlier, it has helped increase the Afrobeat singer-songwriter gain increase views for his album across all streaming platforms.

The afrobeat singer took to Twitter to thank Kanye for the confusion, uploading a video while dancing to Yeezy’s “Yikes.”

Burna also tweeted that his album streams were up 200% because of the mix up.

Listen to YE by Burna Boy;

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