There are many stories out there about celebrities some true while others not so much. And Tracee Ellis Ross  is no exception, but she handled this fake news about her like a boss .The outspoken daughter of American Music legend Diana Ross, has made her views on many topics quite clear. But she also readily shows she can laugh and most often at herself.

No wonder together with her co stars such as Anthony Anderson and Yara have made their show such a success. Going  as far as winning so many awards and a spin off.Her funny streak was on full display when she took to Twitter to call out a fake news headline  about her in the most hilarious way.And as always her followers were on board with funny replies of their own

Per her tweet, the post shows a headline touting what seems to be an ad for a multilevel marketing operation.

“Exclusive Report: A Former Hairdresser From Zambia Earns $8600 A Month Without Leaving Her Home” it reads over a photo of Ross lounging on a couch, looking fabulous, as always.

Many celebrities tend to sue companies writing incriminating stories about them. but to be fair these stories can cost them their career but it’s good when some choose to see the funny side of it.

Which exactly what the award winning actress to do, though it might be because it doesn’t seem to be harmful in any way. but being who she is , the funny response is expected.

“’Mokgobu’ isn’t even a Zambian name but we accept you as Zambians to be one of us” one fan remarked.

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