Rhianna has been captured in an intense fight okay maybe fight is stretching it, more like argument, with alleged Ex,billionaire boyfriend Saudi’s Hassan Jameel in what look to be like a vacation of sort.

But wait, we didn’t even know they were back together after rumours started spreading that, they had broken up, not to talk of being on any form of vacation.

One thing though is that, we haven’t seen neither she nor her billionaire boo Hassan Jameel together in a while, but they were just spotted together in Mexico!

According to some alleged sources back in June, the singer and the billionaire had called it quits, they claimed she had gotten tired of him and broken things off breaking his heart in the process as well.

However, it looks like it might not be true or things are not entirely over if they are now hanging out and spotted going on vacations just a couple of days ago.But things didn’t look to be going all that well, as the two were seen in what looked to be an intense argument involving hand gestures from both parties.

The photos appear to show Rihanna  pointing her finger at him in a act of aggression or heated argument, while another photo shows Jameel with his hand on his chest as if he was “taken back” by something she said or he did. 

The third photo shows pop star with a cigarette or “something else”, but sis was definitely not happy.

The images have since been spreading like while fire just like anything else involving or concerning the pop singer. We are not sure what prompted the arguments.

Or if the two had separated like news in June suggested and are trying to sort out their differences and get back together because their not yet over each other.

Whatever might have caused the arguments, trust that we will give anything to know and won’t stop till we get to the bottom of it and keep you updated while at it.

We also known that besides her Ex Chris Brown whom she had a roller coaster on and off relationship with, Jameel is the only person amongst her numerous exes she had ever talked about.Rihannah and chris

As part of her cover for vogue magazine, she share more personal details about her life and that included the billionaire, though she didn’t directly mention his name.

She was quoted as saying,“I used to feel guilty about taking personal time,” she said, “but I also think I never met someone who was worth it before.”

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