Often times as consumers, we battle with the notion of being sold artificial hair that is falsely labeled on the package.  With this type of trickery going on, it may discourage one from visiting local beauty supply shops.

So how do you know if it is real or fake? Some stylists say you can identify the genuineness by the texture of the hair. Of course, that method alone is not enough to distinguish fake from real.


Here are some things you should do and look for when purchasing weaves:

  • Research! – Go to your most trusted sources to find out all the information you need to decide on whether you should purchase or not. Another thing to look at is pricing, too. If the human hair is unbelievable cheap, then it is probably not human hair. When receiving the hair, I immediately did some tests to it, which brings us to the next tip:
  • Check the fiber of the hair closely! – If the hair is really mixed with synthetic hair, you can find out. You can test it by putting a flat iron to it and examining the smell of the hair. If the hair burns badly, it’s fake hair.
  • Examine its details to determine its life span! – If you’re physically buying hair from a beauty supply store, you may want to stick with brands you have heard of, but if you’re the open-minded type, you must pay attention to detail. If you can get permission to feel the hair extensions before buying, do so. Some beauty supply stores have mannequin heads with the hair installed on it so you can get a feel of it. You’ll want to pay attention to softness and if its already shedding or not, thickness or thinness of the track weft, etc.virgin-remy-human-weave-hair-extensions-natural-straight-wealthyhair1


    As said before, these things can be researched if you’d like your work done for you. Especially if you are ordering online, where you may rely on what the reviews have to say. Many so called human hair brands won’t last up to 5 days before it tangles and gets out of hand.