Mtaachana tu! – is the most used popular Kenyan proverb.

Eric Omondi and his ex (maybe? Because with Eric Omondi you never really know whether it is all a stunt or not) Chantel were the image of love. To many onlookers, they had the perfect relationship. He was the obsessed doting boyfriend who managed to get an unlikely relationship with the half Italian beauty Chantel.

Make no mistake about it, Eric Omondi was well aware of the fact that he had punched above his weight class and something had connected. He did more than most boyfriends to let his partner know he was happy to be with her. Personally, I am probably just a love-atheist so you wouldnae catch me dead doing any of these things.

Eric Omondi sparks frenzy after cryptic message about his relationship

But had he not gone above and beyond and simped his way into the simp hall of fame, I wouldnae have a story to tell so I guess in the grand scheme of things, the universe set up Eric Omondi and Chantel’s relationship for me to be sitting here and writing this post. So much for it being better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all…

#1. He got her a “welcome home” billboard

A huge billboard welcoming her back to Kenya is a nice way to let her know you missed her. It is also a nice way to advertise your application to the simp hall of fame.

#2. He got her new BMW for Valentines Day

Whether or not this was a stunt, it was a nice gesture. I wonder whether he can trade it in for something else or whether she gets to keep the X6.

#3. Held a princess themed birthday party for Chantel

He posted something about wanting to be a prince and realizing God has blessed him with a princess so he decided to throw Chantel a princess themed birthday party. Hold on, let me fetch my eyes, they rolled so hard they are currently on the floor.

#4. Had a welcoming flashmob organized to welcome Chantel back into the country

Say what you will, this was a creative touch. Nothing lets her know how much you have missed her quite like hiring an awesome group of dancers to gyrate their sweaty bodies at your woman. Woo! that is bound to get her blood boiling and her engine revving!