Nabayet Otile Brown's bae

By now you all know that Otile Brown is dating a pretty hot peng from Ethiopia called Nabayet.

He has defended his love for her by telling nosey Instagram-in-laws to back off.


On Friday he posted a video of the both of them in the elevator kissing.

He captioned the video:

“Mtu na pacha wake… (A man and his significant other) babe @nabbi__ I am buying us our first house next month InshaAllah .. love you #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove.”

But deleted it a few hours ago. Not to worry, we captured it. Check out the link below for the full goss.

Watch the kissing video Otile Brown deleted after angry reactions from Instagram-in-law

Nabayet Otile Brown's baeFor those in-laws who are curious about Otile Brown’s new bae, Nabayet, here are 5 things you did not know about her. And none will shock you…yet.

1. She is mega ambitious.
She graduated with a degree in BioMedicine.

When she graduated she posted on her Instagram, “It was one hilarious day #medicalscientist #addisabeba 🎓”

Nabayet Otile Brown's baeNabayet even states, “Ambition and a great pair of heels” is her life’s goal.

What a babe!

2. Dual nationality
Nabayet is Ethiopian born but relocated to Australia for work and acquired citizenship.

Nabayet Otile Brown's bae3. Well travelled
Otile had better keep up because Nabayet hs been to Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Singapore and a host of other countries so pleasing her will mean he has to step up his adventure game.

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4. She loves wine
Nabayet has posted a couple of photos of her enjoying a chilled glass of white wine. That is a mark of a classy woman with great taste.

Nabayet Otile Brown's bae5. Stylish
This peng know how to dress her body. Here are some of the designs she has posted that we have fallen deeply in love with.

Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's bae Nabayet Otile Brown's baeNabayet

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