We are gathered here to sacrifice to the gods and ancestors that they may watch over our Tanasha Donna. The prayer here is to the ancestors of the Jok-a-Jok, Jok Owiny, Jok Omollo or whichever other branches of the Luos Tanasha’s ancestors are descended from.

Ladies and gents we are gathered here today to pour out libations that the ancestors protect their daughter, our sister Tanasha Donna from the evil eyes Diamond Platnumz exes have cast her way.

Diamond’s chipo Lynn mocks Tanasha: Gari alinunua bila kunipa mimba

We are gathered here to implore the ancestors to use their magic to protect Tanasha Donna from the haters in Zari’s camp who have been using witchcraft to prophesy gloom and doom for our sister, your daughter.

May the warriors among you oh dear ancestors shield her and defend her from the following predictions many a former Diamond Platnumz chipo has been praying to some devils of gloom and doom for:

#1. Diamond Platnumz will cheat

We have heard this one over and over again and even Tanasha was taken to task about whether or not she feels the man she is with has changed his stripes.

Tanasha Donna Diamond

despite knowing he is a philanderer, Tanasha Donna reveals how she manages to stay with Diamond

#2. Diamond Platnumz will leave Tanasha Donna a single mother

Diamond has a penchant for leaving all the women he has children by. Many a prediction of gloom and doom points to this happening to Tanasha Donna, your daughter, our sister. We implore you not to let this come to pass.

Father Abraham: Diamond reveals he has 7 year old child

#3. Zari will make a fool of Tanasha

We pray that Zari is not going to get the last laugh over on our sister, your daughter, Tanasha Donna. She has been declaring doom for the couple to anyone who would listen and we need you to protect her.

Zari and Tanasha Donna

‘It’s the same cycle’ Zari mentally prepares Tanasha to be a single mother

‘I hope you have your own money’ Zari advices Tanasha before giving birth

#4. Tanasha will become fodder for Zari’s little minions

Most of all we do not want your daughter, our sister left to the hyenas that are ZAri fans. We want her to continue to be regal and royal in the face of the insults and it will be very difficult to do if Diamond ditches her like rancid porridge.

Tanasha Donna savaged by Zari fans!

Zari and Tanasha Donna

Head to head: The nonsense Tanasha and Zari fans have been flinging at each other


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