The late Reginald Abraham Mengi had a will drawn up before he passed on.

Now, this was the richest man in East Africa with a net worth of $560 million so being included in his will is a big deal. That means you will forever be rich.

Sadly former singer K-Lynn has not been featured in that will. He left his wife out of his will and left everything to his twin sons and his son from a previous marriage.

Jacquline K-Lynn was there for him up until his last breath and she gets nothing for that. Here are a few points that got the world including Jacqueline to think she will dominate in the late Mengi’s will.

Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi left nothing to his wife Lynn, only his children!

  1. Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe aka K-Lyin first ignored the approach of Reginal Mengi when he pursued her. He was determined to make her his one and only.
  2. Jacqueline was 36-years-old younger than Reginald, something that was a concern to so many people both on social media and even their personal friends and family. This concerns di not break their love.
  3. Reginald and Jacqueline got married in on March 28, 2015, in Mauritius.
  4. He was attracted to Jacquline because of her wifely duties which including the fact that she washed her clothes with her hands despite all the money they had to afford a machine. He got one of the few lucky ones.
  5. The couple was blessed with twins amazing sons. At least he gave him the opportunity to continue his dynasty.

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