Following several Instagram posts made by 50 Cent, ridiculing Terry Crews for being a victim of sexual assault, a petition has been launched to have the rapper removed from the show Power.

Terry Crews accused Adam Venit, a top hollywood agent of sexual harassment sometime last year. He claimed the agent who has client such as Emma Stone had grabbed his genitals at a party he attended with his wife.

In a tweet  following the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegation by major hollywood stars such as Lupita N’nyogo,Terry revealed he had been harassed by a top gun as well. It reads,

This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME.

He received mixed feelings after the revelation and one of those not buying it was rapper 50 cent. They claim Terry a hulk of a man, standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 240 pounds couldn’t have been harassed.

Many may not know this, but before an acting career with roles such as white chicks, Terry was a successful athlete, playing a linebacker in the National Football League in the early 1990s.

But the rapper known for his risky and bold sense of humour may have taken it to far even for him.He took to instagram to make mockery of the former athlete.His action robbed a lot of people the wrong way, which has launched a petition to have him removed from his own hit show Power. He is an executive producer and star of the series.

The group needs about 10,000 signatures to be able to achieve their intended goal, which the petition is just shy of.

They claim the rapper’s posts are insinuating that terry is less of a man because instead of violent he choose the highway and rather waited till he was ready to reveal it.They’re asking that Starz end their long time relationship which hasn’t been without problems with 50 Cent after he posted several images and memes mocking the actor.

The rapper may have conscience after all contrary to popular opinions, he has since deleted all such images. But not without dropping one last sarcastic post.On the power season red carpet when asked about the incident and his actions, he said it was all in good fun. Something Terry does not agree and released a post of his own.

Following Terry’s appearance before the American senate o to testify former vice president Joe Biden and actress Gabriel union have declared their support for Terry.