50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have had a pretty complicated relationship in the last couple of years.

Once they were close friends but now they sort of have a rocky relationship which al stared due to financial issues.

For the most part, it seemed like it all cooled down. But 50 Cent is still trolling Floyd by posting a picture of Floyd Mayweather carrying the biggest Chanel bag in the world which Floyd Mayweather does own.


The beef started a while back when Floyd got released from jail. According to 50 Cent, Floyd owes him money for investing in the TMT( The Money Team) brand. But Floyd denies it saying ” I don’t owe anyone money.”

When the two had a falling out they slightly trolled each other online but it went a bit further when 50 Cent’s son got involved.

After a while, things between the two of them did calm down. Though 50 still slightly pulls Floyd Mayweather’s leg.


Earlier this year Gucci made a product which some people considered as racist. Rappers such as T.I. boycotted the brand by not wearing their clothes for a certain period of time.

50 Cent even went as far as to burn most of his Gucci clothes. But Floyd Mayweather wasn’t really supporting the movement and 50 Cent in response trolled him.

Floyd isn’t the first guy to receive the harsh end of 50 on his social media. of late 50 Cent’s been on a rampage with his infamous “I need it by Monday,” catchphrases.

Basically, if you owe 50 Cent any money he’s coming to collect on Monday. It’s pretty safe to say you wouldn’t want to owe 50 Cent any money.


A few people who’ve been on this end include rapper Bow wow who apparently took money from 50 Cent at a strip club.

Tierra Mari who owes 50 Cent around $20,000 in legal fees. Young Buck who doest owe 50 Cent any money but gets clowned by 50 for reported having relations with a transgender.

50 also gets at Diddy by repeatedly claiming he’s a homosexual. Even one of the cast of the TV show “Power,” Rotimi who had the No.1 RnB album owed 50 and got his short end of the stick.

But the person who probably got it the worst more than others was Wendy Williams. She and 50 Cent have had a beef for a pretty long period of time not even showing her any mercy when the news came out that her husband had been cheating on her. It seems no one’s safe from 50 Cent.

Teairra Mari arrested for DWI but 50 cent still wants his money

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