If you love travelling luxuriously and want to stay in the best hotels possible, you should definitely take a look at this list. So sit back relax and enjoy as we count down the most expensive hotels in the world.

8. Four Seasons Hotel George V

Shopping at the Golden Triangle, sprawling through the extravagant flower displays, viewing personal art collections and tasting George V own personal wine collection. That’s what guests have to look forward to when visiting the Four Seasons. An iconic Parisian figure. This hotel will set you back 1.5 million /= for a night and that’s the cheapest option on this list.

7. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

There’s no doubt about it. You’ve definitely heard of it or at least seen a picture of it. A symbol of modern Dubai, the Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial man made island and is the only 7 star hotel in the world. Considered as the most luxurious hotel in the world, you get offered an optional chauffeur and a Rolls Royce. Access to 9 world class bars and restaurants, private beaches, water parks and more. One night in a duplex suite will set you back 1.75 million shillings.

6. Atlantis the Palm Dubai

Built on an artificially made island. Located in Dubai, UAE the Atlantis hosts one of the most incredible aqua parks in the world. This hotel holds the record of the most expensive hotel openings in history. The 5 star hotel will satisfy your taste buds with dishes prepared by award winning chefs such as Gordon Ramsey. On night goes for 2.4 million though it’s been reported that that the executive suite goes for as high as 10 million.

5. Ritz Carlton Hotel

If you ever pass by Moscow, Russia why not stay in the most expensive hotel in the country. The Ritz Carlton offers traditional neoclassical Russian design fresh bread, salt an 5 star dinning. All that and more at 2.5 million a night.

4. President Wilson Hotel

Located in Geneva, Switzerland  a city no stranger to luxury, the entire hotel is located at a prime lake front location. A walking distance from the city center the hotel has the biggest suite in all of Europe you will definitely fall in love with the city and the hotel. If you have 3.15 million shillings to spend per night give them a visit.

3. Four Season Hotel

This hotel is located in the financial and cultural capital of the world, New York city, America. 3.25 shillings a night will get you the premium suite and a great view of the city. Opened in 1993 the hotel has one of the most expensive suites in the USA even staying at the cheapest room will cost you 120,000 a night.

2. Palms Casino Resort Hotel

Gamblers who spend millions of dollars in the casino are more than welcome here. In fact some are even given the rooms for free. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada the palms casino resort hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in all of the USA. Prices for one night go as high as 3.8 millions shillings.

  1. The Grand Resort Lagonissi

The worlds most insanely expensive household items

Ever wondered how the powerful ancient Greeks lived, well this is the closes your going to get in modern times. Located in Athens,Greece this resort is said to be the most expensive hotel in the entire world with lavish cars being offered to guests. Every major celebrity has been here and is the closest you’ll get to high luxury in the world. Some rooms go for up to 5 million shillings a night.

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