Being a celebrity or a public figure is not easy. Every human is looking at you or up to you if you like, so most of the times you are required to be on your best behaviour.

We always forget that we are all human beings and are bound to make mistakes every now and then.

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Most Kenyan celebrities have fallen victim to public scrutiny and they haven’t been spared the publics wrath either. From baby mama drama to hit and runs to not paying rent; all these are some of the things celebrities find themselves in the middle of.

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But one way or another, the story is forgotten by the public in a few days time, unless it’s an ongoing story and new information is discovered.


One thing we don’t quite see or recognize is that some of these celebrities have families and their kids are too cute to be true. Many of them have given us family goals. The way the carry themselves in public while with their families is just breathtaking and such an act cannot go unnoticed.

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Well, I have been checking out different celebrities and their families and I just had to compile the best 8 so far and I invite you to be all mushy with me.

Check them out below.