Diana Marua came to the limelight not too long ago. Not much was known about her until she was appeared in Bahati’s video Mapenzi. Later on the two made headlines for days with the Prayer Partner shenanigans that took over the inter-webs.


It was a really funny thing because Bahati was asked if the two were dating, and that’s when he said the two were “prayer partners”. That was a really lame joke, well, according to his fans who thought his antics were getting old. He’s known as the king of publicity stunts, so it’s only fair if his fans thought that his stunts had gone too far.

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The two might have been under public scrutiny for a really long time, but one thing we can all agree to is the fact that Diana is the true definition of a fashionable lady.

Her fashion sense is out of this world and she has mastered her body hence dressing up in clothes that accentuate her curves.


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From dresses to fitting jeans, she rocks them with style. The most annoying part is how she makes it look so easy yet some of us have struggled for years to know what fits our bodies.

Check out some of her most outstanding outfits below;