Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their outrage following a series of alleged murders at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

According to some of the students, a first-year student was stabbed around Seagull Hotel near the school on Thursday night.

The lady, name witheld, succumbed to her injuries at JKUAT Hospital.

JKUAT student leaders (JKUSA) wrote to the Juja OCPD Simon Thirikwa over the recent death.

In the letter dated February 7, they informed him about a peaceful demonstration on Friday at 9 am.

“This is to inform all students that we will be having a peaceful demonstration in Juja following a series of killings. Most recent having been on Thursday at Seagul hotel,” reads the letter.

A first-hand account was shared on Whatsapp by a student.

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In a notice circulating on social media, JKUSA officials have called for a peaceful demonstration following the murder the lady.

“This is to inform all students that we will be having a peaceful demonstration in Juja and its environs. Following a series of killings, most recent having been on 7th Feb 2019 near Seagull Hotel,” JKUSA officials wrote.

This comes barely a year after the body of the late Tabitha Kitaa Kiiti was found ditched in a bush next to Oasis hostels near Gate C.

KOT waded in on the alleged killing of the first year student.

@Theo_mwangi wrote, “Almost everyone I know in Juja has been robbed at least once, apparently there is even an all-female gang who steal from ladies…..gate C and Crossroads areas are places you don’t want to be at as early as 6:30pm, secure the comrades!

JKUAT students meeting before the demo

‏@KaSiPesaAuBizz_ added, “As a digital journalist, I have covered over 4 deaths at JKUAT from October to date alone. Those stories keep me up every day. Because I am also a student and I keep wondering if I’ll be next. So today I won’t just write; I’ll take to the streets too. #StopKillingJkuatStudents.”

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“This is the saddest thing ever when your parents are waiting for you to graduate, get a job & help them! But what is brought to them is your lifeless Body. May her soul RIP,” Moseax tweeted

“Students at JKUAT must unite like UoN used to do during the reign of Babu Owino and fight these heinous acts by the police. Rallying their anger through social media is cowardly and not as effective as demonstrations,” Felixnderie said.

“These are innocent lives. One lady was stabbed to death yesterday. This is one too many. When will this ever stop? what if am next? Lucy Kamunya said.

JKUAT students demo

“Please, stop killing University students, Our mothers and fathers in the village are waiting for a degree, please don’t take a corpse to them. It pains to hear how a dream of a young lady was ended last night,” Cymon said

“It’s about that time comrades to Stand and Stop this matter in solidarity Peace and Security comes first,” Ian Duncan tweeted.

“This is just painful. Poleni JKUAT comrades. Juja police it is not just patrols. Interact with nduthi guys and other active residents of Juja you need intelligence, with Intel you will fight Juja crime in a better way. These killings hurt.” Kevin Mong’are tweeted

“A people united shall never be defeated. We are going to remind the people of Juja that comrades are the only!! Shareholders of the GDP of this town, So we demand respect and protection from the police. We are being killed like chicken.”@ Maestro

“We cannot continue losing students like this when Juja police station is just under our noses.” Nick Willian said

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“We will not sit and watch our lives being brought to an end by killers at such very early hours. We must resist these heinous acts.” Freeze tweeted

“Juja is a town that hosts a major university in Kenya, JKUAT. The town is facing lots of insecurity cases despite having a working police station in place. us students refuse to be subject to danger and we shall hold the police responsible for this “Castro Jackson tweeted

Here are some photos of Tabitha.

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