A Kenyan lady by the name Purity has apparently won 25 billion shillings in a lottery in Serbia. According to an article published in the Serbia Post, Purity said that she will donate the money to starving children in Montenegro.

Now, there have been reports that the Kenyan said that if she sent any coin back home, it will never be put into good use because the Kenyan government is corrupt.

This is a story that has shocked many people considering no Kenyan has ever won such an amount. Only SportPesa has ever awarded someone a huge amount which was over 200 million.

Adelle and Shaffie are equally shocked about the win, and Shaffie strongly believes that this whole story is a hoax.

“I’m going to say two things about this story. I don’t have any beef with her, I know charity begins at home. Maybe Purity left her ancestral home then she moved to coast and met a mzungu and her family maybe judged her. So maybe the Mzungu took her to Serbia, she left with her family not talking to her then boom she wins the money. Why would I send the money back home or even help my family. But this story is a hoax. I strongly suspect it’s a hoax. I know Kenyans. Kenyans love their country. If you struggled and went and made 25 billion, the first place you’ll come back to floss ni hapa hapa Kenya. We’ll wait and see if the story is true or false.”

Do you think this story is all made up or it’s true?

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