We all have names that only our immediate families know. Well, close families and friends. And I am not talking about nicknames either, I am talking about the little known fact that I, for instance, am known as Kizito to some.

So as we got The Big Scoop underway, I found myself wondering about names and Shaffie Weru quickly gave up the gem that he is known as Kenji to his family -and only to his family. Adelle, I had to prod to find out she’s called Adhiambo.

Actually, their complete names are:

Adelaide Adelle Adhiambo Onyango (she revealed she actually has 6 names)

Adelle Onyango

Shaffie Weru Kenji (Abduba Abdallah Abdul Raverend)

What about you? Do you have names you have kept private all along? Feel free to share it with us, I promise, we won’t tell.