Adelle Onyango launched Project SHE late last month,  a self empowering project aimed to encourage Kenyans and generally anyone around the world to conquer the many challenges in life.

As promised, the bubbly Kiss FM presenter features someone’s story on her social media pages and for the better part of last week she featured participants who faced challenges such as failure, derivatives and more.

Check out their stories below.

Jason Corder (@icorder)

Celebrating: Edith Piaf

She was a French singer who became the national icon for France in the 30s and 40s. She was abandoned by her mothers and grew up with absolutely nothing. Her childhood was spent on the streets but in spite of this she followed her passion for singing and made herself one of the most famous singers in the world. Her famous song is translated as: “No, I regret nothing”














Anchie Ng’inja (@_anchie)

Conquered: Fear of failure
Mantra: strive for progress not perfection





Sebawali Sio (@sebawali)

Conquered: Derivatives

Mantra: “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction” Warren Buffet

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