Some professional partnerships are strictly that, professional. They are cold and clinical. It is all about getting the job done and while I have no issue with surgeons keeping their work relationship strictly professional, I want my favourite radio personalities to have a work relationship with all the chemistry of a lab! Gerrit?

Anyway, Adelle and Shaffie Weru have the perfect relationship in my mind. The banter doesn’t feel forced and they seem to genuinely care about the wellbeing of each other. Shaffie is celebrating his birthday this weekend and I asked Adelle whether she had some sentiments she would like to share about her partner in crime or with him even and she agreed.

Issa birthday weekend and Shaffie Weru has unusual plans for his

So she sat down and shared some gems of wisdom with the Raverend and what she had to say was nothing short of inspired and insightful. You can tell that the pair are friends off air given how well she knows him -enough to give him useful quips.

On my part, I didn’t get him a card nor a gift but he knows he is appreciated. How would he know this? Because he is a telepath who can read this article and see that I just wrote that I appreciate him. And from us here at Kiss to Shaffstar, happy birthday!