Diana Marua’s baby, Heaven Bahati has grown up so fast and she slowly started resembling the mother.

Baby Heaven Bahati was born on 14th February 2018 she is almost two years old and she warms the heart of her fans.

diana & bahati

She is one of the social media babies with a large following on Instagram. With 187,000 followers she has been able to scoop a few endorsement deals.

Majesty’s older sister is one cute baby so having her as a brand ambassador of various brands. I wouldn’t mind seeing her on billboards in major highways.

‘I’ll deal with you!’ Bahati threatens Diana Marua’s ex

Since she comes from a very dramatic family, we see her quite often on social media and even TV in their reality show, Bahati Reality.

As Majesty turns 5 days today, look at how grown Heaven is:

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