Afrikan Star: Sauti Sol Serenade Our Hearts With A Hot Jam Featuring Burna Boy

Sauti Sol are back at it again and this time they’ve decided to kill us with the most serenading song of the month, Afrikan Star. Being Valentines Day, the song makes so much sense, making ladies feel appreciated. I mean we love it when we are complimented time and again.

Sauti Sol ft Burna Boy/ Instagram

Bringing Burna Boy on board was the best thing they did to this song. They’re vocals are on point. Polycarp on the other hand murders the song with his mad guitar skills.

We are used to them releasing dance hits, but Afrikan Star is a slow song that you can listen to while chilling with sipping on some fine wine or when making love to the love of your life.

Sauti Sol are wizards because the kind of magic they performed in this song is stronger than your village witch and wizard combined.

Sauti Sol/ Instagram

This song definitely describes Sauti Sol. If you listened to them from the beginning, you’ll understand that slow music is what makes Sauti Sol, Sauti Sol.

On a scale of 1-10, my rate is 8.5. What rate would you give this song?

Watch the music video below;

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