DJ Pierra Makena has been a victim of body shaming, ever since she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Ricca Pokot.

She had beautiful curves before giving birth, but afterwards, she gained weight which is bound to happen because it’s not science and it takes time to shed off the baby weight.



A while back, she addressed an issue whereby some people went ahead and blasted her because of her weight, body shape and the hair she wore at that time, which was a blonde wig/weave. They termed the hair as a “burning bush”, which was too much.

The last thing a person should tell a Mother is how bad she looks. . Putting her down is unfair and uncouth. This should stop..I speak as a mom! And kudos to all women and mothers looking gorgeous and bringing up beautiful children! !!! The beauty is in the children we have…. I was deeply hurt and I even let it out on my show and that tells you how emotional we get sometime 😓😓,” she expressed herself.


‘The Last Thing A Person Should Tell A Mother Is How Bad She Looks’ – Pierra Makena Shuts Down Trolls

Well, Pierra is living her life and loves her body just the way it is. Her recently photos are stunning and the clothes she wears hug her curves perfectly, meaning she’s confident with her body and the clothes she wears.

Check out her recent photos below;






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