Willis Raburu is now in the gym for body fitness.  He considered the challenge and to make his fans aware that he has started it, he had to post a video on his Instagram account.

This is after his fans challenged him on social media after posting his latest picture where they told him to reduce his tummy which is growing bigger each day.


His fellow men advised him to remember that he is married and the wife requires his attention and therefore he should have healthy body in order to be able to play his responsibility. Which responsibility am I talking about here by the way? Am I not straight to the point? I mean the responsibility of a man in bed.

This also can help men who like having big tummies. Did I say am not a specialist in health? Yes, but according to my research, men with big tummies are poor in bed.

Men who like eating junk food, you better check yourself, otherwise you’re  welcoming the ‘tummy’. Living a healthy lifestyle has never and will never hurt anyone.

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