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After Redsan hit the headlines for beating up his Tanzanian producer, Sappy, another of his producers has come out to defend him.

Maich Blaq has worked with Redsan on two of his albums under his record label Dutty Sounds.

Maich Blaq wrote: “We did not make hit songs, we made classic songs that will b remembered for a long time…2 unforgettable albums, it was great to connect again n like u said…we do it all over again.”

Yesterday, Redsan beat up Sappy because he refused to hand over the masters for his latest album Badder Than Most.

If you missed the story, check it out on the link below.

Woiii, soldier come and help us! Begs producer as Redsan attacks them with blows

Here is Maich Blaq’s take on the beat down.
“Hii story ya Redsan is either lack of knowledge from the producer or assumption I will explain why,” he starts off saying, “I have done two albums with Redsan I know him as an artiste and as a person. He is very passionate about his music just like all of us, we sacrifice a lot but he is not one to pull stunts for PR.

Hii album I knew they were working on it from last year, I even recorded some vocals, early this year Redsan had asked me to chip in but nilikua busy.”

KOT are savage! Funny memes of Redsan after he beat his producer to a pulp

Adding, “As much as I disagree with violence, Producers take the blame as well because why would they record a whole album for free? Why start a project without having proper documentations and agreements?”

Maich Blaq continued, “It is the hype ya ku record artist of such a calibre and assumptions that led to this unfortunate incident. Make sure you understand your role in every project u undertake, have proper documentations and be registered. Study music business. Kukatalia masters or such things don’t solve a thing, don’t start a project without knowing the end game.”

Redsan is yet to comment on this matter.

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