AKA claps back and has shown a Twitter user the door over comments that he’s an “absent father”.

The rapper, who has a firm policy when it comes to dealing with Twitter trolls quickly defused the situation, which resulted in the user later deleting his tweet.

The user quoted a meme and tagged AKA with the caption: “Absent fathers be like.”

This quickly spurred AKA into action.




The rapper didn’t stop there and made¬† a point of telling everyone what happens, when you’re not ready for a ‘AKA clap back.’


“That’s what happens when you not ready for the SUPA MEGA clap back. You embarrass yourself, and delete your sh*t,” AKA said.

The Baddest rapper is no stranger to controversy on social media and has on numerous occasions made it clear that he’s unfazed by peoples’ insults.

“I used to get offended by what people said to me on social media in the past until I realised that comments are free…When you leave a comment, I read it and go back to my wonderful life of matching designer jackets, a woman I love, travel and living my dream…while you go back to a life of selling online waist trainers,” AKA has previously said.

Seems like internet trolls will have to look for someone else to poke and push around. AKA has been followed by these trolls for a while and he’s not about to let them go off easy. A point he has made clear countless times. Y’all should just give this guy a break.