In a week that saw AKA and Bonang Matheba’s bumpy relationship making headlines after a mini ‘split’, the musician has proudly admitted to not only spreading fake news on Twitter, but also being the mastermind behind the entire “breakup.” Oh, and Bonang happily went along with it all.


Although the musician’s lie was suspected from the moment he took to Twitter on Friday to announce that he and Bonang had ‘split,’ his detailed explanation on how he plotted with Bonang to fool fans and the media again saw the couple targeted on social media.

In an interview with The Plug Mag AKA said that while he wanted to release his new song, Caiphus Song, sooner rather than later, Sony and VTH Season wanted to hold back. Eventually they relented and AKA had to think of a concept.


I then had to come up with a strategy to keep people talking throughout the weekend up until Tuesday. I worked backwards from there. We planned all the tweets from Friday up until the gift on Monday, and eventually the release.”

Plug Mag, the music mag that got the only interview with AKA on the issue, called it a “genius marketing strategy.” AKA said that Bonang knew about it and called her a “visionary” for taking part in the mass lie.


She loved it. She’s a visionary, just like me. I told her to trust me, and she did,” he said.

The important question though is how do you feel being lied to?

If you believed it, it was a game, and you got played.  Or maybe, this is the game. This is the stunt.