Mbosso and the family of the late Martha have been embroiled in a fight over the custody of the child he claims he had with Martha.

Mbosso disowned by dead baby mama’s family, he breaks his silence

To say that the relationship between Mbosso and this family was irrevocably damaged is for me to understate the obvious. Mbosso has been cast in the position many men find themselves in where you fight for your right to be a father to a child only to realize the woman or her family would rather you not be.

Mbosso forced to answer about the possibility of him taking back his child by his dead baby mama

And Mbosso has done the only thing he can do in such a situation to maintain his sanity; he has pulled away. But Mbosso clearly has someone sensible advising him because he is not only pulling away but he left a caveat emptor for his child -an open door of sorts that was summed up by a rather succinct two word statement:

”Akikua atanitafuta”

And just like that, if Mbosso’s claims are true, a child has been denied the opportunity to get to know his father, a child has lost the opportunity to have a mentor in his life on whose shoulders he could have stood on.

For now, Mbosso can go back to focussing on being a good father to the other children he has fathered.

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