Akothee and Victoria Kimani have been spending time together, wiling away their idyllic days at the white sandy beaches of Malindi.

They seem to be having a good time all based on their recent social media posts and maybe Akothee is taking the fun too far.

In a viral video, the two are filmed holding horns in different sizes. Akothee has a big, long horn and Victoria Kimani is carrying a smaller one.

Akothee gets naughty telling her followers that she is carrying the size of the Nigerian d**k which is big and strong as compared to the Kenyan one Victoria Kimani was carrying that is short and small.

Funny how she can say that yet she has been enjoying a Kenyan one from Nelly Oaks. Is she saying she has had better from a Nigerian brother?

“nigerians. we know you and we applaud you (caressing the horn like plant) Kenyans…this one is Luhya’s curved ones (pointing at Victoria’s)” Akothee said.

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That’s not all the drama she has given us. Akothee posed naked in the beach posting a picture with an exaggerated behind calling out the haters who have been saying she does not have an a**.

“Omooo dreams are valid, call all those who laughed at my flat a*se, call your area chief 😂🤣, I catch all of you, the A** gruuuuuuu🤣😂🤣🤣 @malindidreamgarden, wait till we arrive in your room and meet some bone sh*t 😂🤣😂

We can never get enough of her drama for sure.

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