Akothee is one blessed mother. According to African culture, the more children you have the more you’re considered wealthy.

Now that she is expecting baby number six, womanzΒ is very wealthy. Especially when it comes to the time she will be receiving dowery. The girls will make her even richer.


Three secrets are out. She has revealed the name, gender and baby daddy’s name.

My name is Chloe’ my dad’s name is Kevin and my mom is Akoth

Akothee has a weakness when it comes to some good wine. She confessed that she was tempted to drink a glass using the voice of her daughter and then shared a sonogram.

tell my mom to calm down πŸ™„πŸ™„ I saw her trying to take wine today and I refused! I had to send her to the toilet πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

If you recall last weekend Luo’s had a whole night dedicated to them courtesy of Jalang’o at Carnivore Gardens and Akothee was a headliner.

β€˜She looks better with clothes on’ Fans excited by Akothee in a gown

She really jumped up and down on that stage you would not believe she is pregnant at all. Her body does not even sell her out at all. Still toned.

At least we know baby Chloe will have the best of Akothee’s care because she is on top of things from her career to her businesses so money is in plenty. And we know one value she holds is that of taking care of her children.

Congratulations madam boss.

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