Akothee is clearly doing something right. You see, whenever she posts on either Facebook or IG, she catches alot of flack and backlash because alot of people view her posts as digital noise.

Zari and Akothee team up to bring you this exciting conference

She actually does post alot of stuff I myself do not bother with inspite of my job (I guess I just outed my enthusiasm for some aspects of my work) but I know to just keep scrolling when I seem some of her more zany posts.

That said, she is clearly speaking the language of millions because even without the “verified” stamp of approval from the IG gods, she is still solid with her fans.

On Facebook, the 5 most influential accounts belong to:

#1. Akothee

#2. Betty Kyallo

#3. Sonko

#4. Churchill

#5. Carol Radull

On IG the most influential accounts belong to:

#1. Akothee

#2. Njugush

#3. Betty Kyallo

#4. Huddah

#5. Churchill

On the Twitterverse, the most influential accounts are:

#1. Robert Alai

#2. Donald Kipkorir

#3. William Ruto

#4. Ahmed Nassir

#5. Larry Madowo

On YouTube the most active accounts are:

#1. Churchill

#2. Willy Paul

#3. TRHK

#4. Bahati

#5. Otile Brown

For the survey that was done by Odipo Dev, the focus was interactions the accounts generate during the first 6 months of 2019.