Singer Akothee is concerned on what will become of the young women who have been wooed by old married men.

The singer says the married men who had promised young girls heaven are now quarantining with their wives leaving the young girls with probability of depression

It is because of old men that our girls are going through depression. You know you have a wife, kids and bills to pay and you brainwash these girls that they refuse to take opportunities.

You brainwash them with holidays, shopping,always sending money on Mpesa, making them loose focus in life.

Adding that she was once in a situation like that;

Now you are not picking up their calls because you are with your wife. You know very well, she doesn’t have a job, you are her job, what do you want her to do. The banks are still running, oga, sent money.

You are the one who was sponsoring their lives, we don’t want our girls to die of depression. I was in this shoes in 2010 when I was depending on someone to pay my rent.

Check out Akothee’s message to the men;

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