Akothee is one angry lass! She completely refused to accept nonsense and she is complaining about a certain baby daddy of hers who has gone missing.


The controversial singer decided to open up about yet another rivetting facet of her storied love life.

If you are with him , tell him the children I and papa Oyoo are waiting on whatsup as usual by 9.00 pm european time, we want to arrange the december holiday for the family , and he is always coming up with changes so he better be here šŸ˜ Thats 10.00 pm kenyan time .


You have to feel for the guy because you know Akothee will visit the wrath of 1000 gods of war upon him when she finally manages to reach him. The last beef she got herself involved in was against a bakery that she felt had wronged her after getting her 25K cake order messed up and she was vehemently going at them:

Akothee embroiled in beef with popular cake house