Ali Kiba last week was the centre of attention as he posted a rather scathing post on social media about how Diamond needs to keep his name out of his mouth. You can read about that below:

Ali Kiba blasts Diamond Platnumz for lying that he would perform at Wasafi Festival

The situation started when Diamond Platnumz and his WCB management team had a press conference at which they announced a whole host of artistes who were to perform at the Dar es Salaam edition of Wasafi Fest.

Diamond responded twice, the first time to laugh about the entire penseli issue Ali Kiba had mentioned and the second time he gave a much more sober reading of the situation:

Diamond Platnumz responds to Ali Kiba with hilarious comment

Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba

Diamond Platnumz finally responds to Ali Kiba reveals more about the beef

The damage was already done because by now the entire Bongo industry was gearing up to take sides.

Issa civil War in Bongoland! Diamond and Ali Kiba divide Tanzanians

And all that happened just for Ali Kiba to come out and deny that it ever really was him. He said this in an interview with a Tanzanian radio station but what was interesting is that after saying this…

No, my account was hacked. Yes I saw the post but I am not the one who wrote, I think hackers did,” he revealed. 

He declared he wouldnae pull down the post for reasons known only to himself.