Ali Kiba and his wife have been rumoured to be having alot of issues in their marriage and they largely stem from the fact that Ali Kiba and his family live together in his house. And it’s not just his sisters and mother and brother who live with him, artistes signed to his record label too, live in his mansion.

What is is like in Ali Kiba’s house. LOL! Just kidding.

Naturally, this would cause friction between his wife and her in-laws. That’s law. And to make matters worse, when women fight, they often sink to serious ad hominem attacks and things get very petty.

Shocking revelation of what Ali Kiba’s family accused Joho’s niece of doing

Amina Khalef on her part has been insisting on the two of them living together as a family and raising their children together. A reasonable request aye? But it is rumoured that when she put her foot down with this request, she was met by such shocking blowback from Ali Kiba that it ended the marriage.

Ali Kiba ampea mkewe talaka tatu: Reports just in that Ali Kiba divorces wife

Ali Kiba has finally broken his silence on the matter. The usually introverted artiste who tends to keep his family affairs close to his chest addressed the divorce rumours saying:

He has said that while it is true he has issues with his wife, it is untrue that he has divorced his wife and returned her to her people in Mombasa.