Being a leader in a country be it a president or minister, so much is required of you. Your life is practically the life of the people you lead. But having a private life is a personal choice.

Many of our leaders prefer keeping their family away from the public eye. That’s why when you get to know the wife, son or daughter of a prominent person, most times you are surprised.

Alvin Kiarie Kabogo, who is Kiambu Governor William Kabogo’s son, is one of the most popular politician’s sons in Kenya.

Well there’s one thing you should know about Alvin. He is definitely not your ordinary Kenyan 20 something-year-old. Having a father who’s among the wealthiest politicians in the country, he’s bound to have a flashy lifestyle.

Alvin attends the University of Brighton in the UK and one thing’s for sure, he does know how to take delight in the finer things in life thrown at him or rather accorded to him.

But he’s not one of those spoilt kids who have everything but dont study. Alvin actually graduated about a month ago with a BSc Hons in Business with Marketing.


Alvin never misses out on any showbiz event going down, and his flamboyant lifestyle clearly shows that money is never a problem for him.

A while back, he introduced his girlfriend to the world, a move that caught many by surprise considering he loves the party life.

But one thing that does not need convincing is that Alvin truly loves his parents dearly, especially his mother. Mummy’s boy, perhaps?

He took to social media to share a photo of his parents praising them of their selfie game and unconditional love. I have to agree with him; the selfie game was pretty strong.

He went ahead to shower his mum with more praises saying, “My gorgeous, beautiful, sweet potato sugar pumpkin of a mother.. I love you mama. And yes she’s that sweet.”

Check out the photo below:



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