Upcoming artiste Alvin, alias Alvindo, has come out to talk about his controversial song ‘Takataka’.

“The song basically talks about what I was going through at that particular moment,” Alvindo told Kiss100.co.ke.

The song was released three months ago and has already managed to scoop over one million views on Youtube.

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Alvindo says he was expressing himself using the song. “There is freedom of expression and that is what I was doing as a Kenyan. I dedicated the song to my ex-girlfriend, who had left me,” he said.

The lyrics include:

“Unakataa kua dem yangu Naenda kwa mrogi nakuroga Unakufa na nakuja kwa mazishi yako kukula na kukunywa nikuchekee ukizikwa.”

Which can be translated as: “You refuse to be my girlfriend, I go to a witch doctor and bewitch you, you die and I attend your funeral. I eat and drink as I enjoy you being buried.”

Asked about the lyrics, Alvindo said, “It was a way of adding flavour to the song. I have never been to a witch doctor and I don’t intend to do so,” he said, adding that he is now focusing on the future.

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He defended his song, saying it is not meant to incite anyone. “Even before the song, there have been breakup stories and people have been left, including myself, and so I have not incited anyone.”

He is looking forward to releasing more music in future.

Speaking about the song, executive producer KRG Don said,

“Each song has a target audience, and that is why people even released a remix of the song because it was fun with no intentions of inciting anyone. Everyone has a right to choose the kind of music to listen to.”