Before I go any further, going on Madtraxx’s page reminded me of how sweet he is with his wife, Salma. Couldn’t get enough of their cute moments during the much talked about event, Oktobafest.

Now back to the story. He is a father of two gorgeous girls and he shared the cutest message to his daughter as she turned two.

My heartbeat, My dearest Njeri. Your smile and amazing charisma blows me away every day. Here’s to a BIG Happy Birthday to my Twin. Njeri Malaika. Today you are 2. Daddy loves you.

In as much Madtraxx has had some nasty lyrics, he goes back home to be an amazing father and husband and he clearly does not fail. You can see it all on his social media pages.

‘Such a big gap was left in our family’ Madtraxx mourns his sister

Together with his team, The Kansol, has been giving us hit after hit with every trend that comes along and best believe their club bangers are always top requests. Now they are trending with their song, Serereka that just awakens the party mood.

We appreciate Madtraxx’ role as a present father and a hitmaker. And a happy birthday to Njeri.

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