Juliani decided to jump on the current trend of giving people a private performance from the comfort of their homes through digital live concerts.

In case you missed, let me be the one to tell you, he killed it. One thing he did differently from other artistes who have gone live is that his was not pre-recorded.

Juliani started the live from his journey to the venue where he introduced so many people including those who provided tea for the night event. Kenyans came together to support him including his fellow celebrities.

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Here are the reasons why Juliani’s live performance was different and why he won many Kenyans hearts,

  1. He had a live recording and not a pre-recorded one.
  2. He made a documentary that supported the inspiration behind him going live.
  3. Juliani’s first performances were to encourage Kenyans in as much as we are going through a crisis. He sang his TBT songs that were more inclined to gospel.
  4. He knelt down in prayer crying out to God and quoting the Bible. This left Kenyans in tears.

5. He blessed and mentioned people on the timeline and put them all in prayer

6. Juliani dedicated a song, Radio to Bonface Mwangi who has numerously fought for Kenyans.

7. His live was on only two platforms, YouTube and Facebook. He did not air it on IG which is contrary to other artistes/creatives who have used the platform.

Juliani ended his live session with Hela Hela which was requested by many and then bowed his head as a sign of respect to God and thanks you to all those who tuned in.

In case you missed it you can rewatch courtesy of CTA- Cleaning The Airwaves below:

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