Amber Ray is letting the rumor mongers in on her alleged beef with Otile Brown’s Ethiopian girlfriend or is it ex, Nabayet aka Nabbi.

She had her weekly, ‘Ask me a question’ segment on Instagram, and the elephant in the room had to be addressed. A follower questioned her on her supposed beef with Nabayet and if she had an affair with Otile Brown.

“Were you and @nabbi_ really beefing? Did you get with Otile?” Asked the fan

Amber Ray responded in a sarcastic post saying that her followers seem to know more about her life than she actually does, laughing it off with emojis.

“Jeez you guys be knowing my life more than I do,” she responded

Otile Brown has been on a roll releasing hit song after hit song. The rumors of Amber and Otile dating attracted our attention, after he released the song Siku Yetu where he featured her as a vixen. Their chemistry was a bit too cozy and that is when guys started speculating there was more to their relationship than just work.

‘Nothing but love’ Reasons why Otile Brown might just be looking to date Amber Ray


Several days after the video was released, Otile and Nabayet unfollowed each other and deleted pictures of them together from Instagram. The rumors then became so real.

Truth is, as Instagram in-laws, we do not know if Nabayet and Otile are together or nah and as you can tell, manz has become very private he does not even appear for any interview.

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