Over the weekend, the dynamic radio duo, Kamene and Kibe were at Elementaita together with their super producer, Xtian Dela.

It was a good getaway despite the fact that Kamene was fighting a flu.

As usual, Kibe arrived later accompanied by a babe that Xtian and Kamene just did not think was his type. So as she walked in, Xtian burst out in laughter which got her upset. All this is according to Kamene’s story.


Kibe comes to Elementaita at 6 or 7 pm with a babe and Xtian starts laughing and she throws insults at him she goes mad.

Kamene carries on describing the events that led to the drama in Elementaita.

When we were at the bonfire, Kibe’s clande decided it is now time for Kamene. From nowhere she started throwing insults at me then she decides to slap the reality into me. I am like Kibe’s thing has slapped me? Kamene Goro?

In Andrew Kibe’s defense, he says there was something that Kamene told the babe that upset her.

She was just talking to you then you said something that made her snap.

What did you tell her?. You abused my girls which is very disrespected. 

Kamene angrily cut her co-host short saying

It does not matter what I told her. You subject me to so much to a point I got assaulted.

Kibe is convinced that based on Kamene’s bile, she is jealous. But because there was violence, he apologized on his clande’s behalf saying,

I feel bad about what happened on Saturday. I do not advocate for violence and I apologize on her behalf. It was unfortunate and no one should ever go through the same.

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The duo says that they all have a weakness when it comes to the people we love and so we just have to put up with that, especially when it comes to our friends.

Kibe then confessed that he knew she was psycho from the word go.

so we stop somewhere to get some refreshments and zikashika. She suddenly removed her seatbelt and started twerking. Please note the car was moving at some serious speed. That is when I knew it is finished.

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