Andrew Kibe is fighting the battle for the boychild who is under siege.

His cry is that so many young girls are posting pictures of them in planes and fancy hotels yet they expect a man who is of her age to match up to that expectation.

Lasses as young as 20 years are giving their boyfriends so much pressure to match up to the standards the sponsors have set up. How is a 20-year-old guy supposed to take a girl out on a date or those fancy trips? He does not have money.

Kibe was in full support of this notion saying these are the things that are depressing the boychild.

at 20 years old you had boyfriends who came to you in cars yes? Where will I get such a person at 20? At 20 what do I have? I do not have access to money. At 20 I do not have access to money. If I decide I want to take a chic out I need 7-10gz. Where will I get the money from? These days chilez are in flights and in fancy hotels and I do not have access to. And this chic is 20, 21 years old.

If you look at the debt boychild is in all these companies it crazy. The boychild is digging himself in a deeper whole. 

It boils down to what women are misinterpreting as women empowerment. Women empowerment means accepting and allowing women who are on the outside of the decision-making process into it. And that was how it all started but it was manipulated with time.

‘I haven’t seen my baby for 7 years!’ Andrew Kibe cries out

Now women are being told they should never settle for less and for them that is all material things so they give the boychild pressure.

Andrew Kibe’s words, women should just quit this sponsor life.

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