Andrew Kibe is a man who has no fear to speak his mind.

This time he decided to let a few people know he does not like them and the pride they carry with them. So come 2020, stay away from him if you possess the characters below:

These are the three people, I hate in this Kenya,

1. The engineer. The ever-annoying engineer is what I call them. This guy has to be addressed as engineer or he will not pay the bill. He will say that bill is not his because you have not addressed him as he should be addressed.

Number two is the doctor. Back in the day, that name used to be something. You’d say doctor and guys would be shocked. Even Waititu is being called a doctor so do not think it is a big deal. No body gives a shit about doctors anymore.

Last but definitely the least is these guys, DJs. This guy will never give us peace on social media, on the streets, nowhere. This guy will come to you and introduce himself as DJ. Bro where did you learn how to DJ in your room after trying to break the wanking record. You asked your self, “what else can I do with my hand let me DJ.” Then you come here insisting for people to call you Dj. 

Kibe has been having some sort of beef with DJs as of last year. He is always calling out Kamene for hanging out with DJs.

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So in case, you see Kibe somewhere and you possess these qualities, don’t come with such pride because as you know, he will call you out, live and direct.

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