This week has presented a problem for Kenyan schools especially primary schools when it comes to language. Kamene and Kibe are still trying to understand what the hell is going on.

Early in the week, we saw a boy take to his social media livestream full of threats and vulgar language aimed at a girl he goes to school with and everyone was left with their mouths agape in shock at the language the young child utted.

Andrew Kibe has been insisting there is a root problem to all this. It is not always the fault of the parent but there could be more.

His school of thought could be right because yesterday, a certain book by the name, ‘Blood Ties‘ was trending because of its mature content. The book which is in the primary section at Text Book Centre published for children in class six contains vulgar language and violent themes yet it is a book teachers have asked parents to buy for their children.

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Here are a few of the texts from ‘Blood Ties’.

Kamene and Kibe are saying it is time we solve the problem from the root and stop the blame games. What they do not understand is how this book made its way past so many censor hands and make its way to the category of children’s book.

the book has gone through all processes, editors and approvals. The book has passed through so many hands and then we are going to call off the boy form Consolata? we need to solve the problem from the root.

How can this book make it to be a children’s book and even worse in the hands of a child? Where is the ministry in all this?

There is clearly a problem that needs serious attention.

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