Last week the body of Tob Cohen was found in the septic tank of his house after 40 days of his family and authorities searching for his missing body.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti described the murder of Dutch tycoon as gruesome.

There are so many questions running through Kenyans minds. The late’s wife Sara Wairimu is in custody as a suspect in the murder of the tycoon and this got Kenyans calling out Kikuyu women.

In case you have not been on social media, men are being warned against Kikuyu women. But who said one alleged story will be the SI unit of every other woman who is Kikuyu?

‘Lang’ata has fake people!’ Kamene and Kibe lash out at lazy men in LA

Andrew Kibe on Kamene and Kibe in the Morning Kiss gave his take saying,

this chick has been with this guy for so long. she was going to kill him and zika him in the septic tank? Either she is super dumb or she is being set up

The case on his murder is now in court as we await fo9r more details that will solve all the mystery around his gruesome murder.

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